Friday, July 20, 2012

Lihat Kebunku

Lihat Kebunku (Look at my garden)

Leaves come in many shapes,
and different sizes.

Look at this one, they're tiny and thin,
just like your hands and little fingers.
Go ahead, grab a leaf,
or a bunch of them....

Oops, no no,
they're not supposed to go in there.
Not without being cooked,or maybe not even after.
It's not food, at least not yet.

Hey what about this plant.
Huge, hey?
Swing.... swing.... look it swings....
and look how thick they are,
and how wide they span.

Hmmm... what do we have here?
Can these even be called leaves?
They are green all right. But they don't look like leaves.
Yes they are tiny, and many,
but how can we tell them from the stem,
or the branch, if they all... branch.

Let's get closer, shall we
And touch them with your nose,
Take a deep breath,
I hope it's freshness you smell,
Not that something else,
that can make you
shout "hatchooh!"