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Kisah kelahiran putra pertama kami PART 1

Tanggal 27 Juni 2011 pukul 6.00 WIB, telah lahir anak kami di Rumah Sakit Putri, Jalan Arif Rahman Hakim, Surabaya. Ini adalah kisahnya.

Semula, perkiraan tanggal kelahiran anak kami adalah 6 Juli 2011. Sejak kehamilan bulan kedua, kami rutin mengunjungi dokter kandungan yang kebetulan juga masih famili dari pihak istri (dr. Agus Sulistyono, SpOG). Tanpa kami duga sebelumnya, this choice (dokter) also led us (or forced us, precisely?) to go to RSIA Putri, one of the hospitals where the doctor works in, instead of other public hospitals in Surabaya. It's a private hospital, khusus ibu dan anak, and does not accept Askes. (sigh)

So when my wife, Vita, suddenly had blood covered in thick mucus coming out from her one morning, apparently it was only a matter of time until we left for that hospital.
The first "blood show" occurred on Sunday morning June 26th, and since the doctor was still in Yogyakarta for a family wedding, and my parents-in-law are also out of town (Bandung!) for a cousin's wedding, we decided not to immediately go to hospital that morning and prefer to 'bed rest' instead, hoping that the baby wouldn't come out too soon. We both took our time resting at home, sometimes browsing the internet for information on "how soon will my baby come out when blood is already leaking out", despite advises to get to hospital ASAP from two doctors Adnan (brother) and Alifah (college friend). Vita tried to convince me that there is a chance the baby might come out in 3 days, according to a forum she found in the internet :D I also found supporting websites mentioning a timeframe of 1 day - 1 week, from blood show to actual labour.

I tried to take rest as much as possible on the afternoon, because I still feel remains of exhaustion from the earlier days. On Saturday, one day before, Vita and I went to Lenmarc mall, which is like almost 1-hour drive from our place during the morning, and then went shopping at Carrefour Rungkut at the evening. Not to mention I was sick for a couple of days earlier, unable to do anything productive during the time.

On Sunday afternoon, only once in a while Vita felt pain during contractions. She started to record the time of every occurring contractions, and no particular pattern was shown. The frequency ranged from once in every five minutes to a 15-minute interval. I thought this was those "kontraksi palsu" or fake contractions so I was not too worried. Getting more into the day towards evening, Vita felt the pain escalating, until she decided to prepare to go to hospital to get checked. After Maghrib and after her taking a shower (which somehow eased her pain), we left home and went to RS Putri with the bag Vita already prepared weeks before (containing her clothes, some baby clothes, diapers, you know, all those important stuff). So off we went on our car, just the two of us (not including Hanif :p). Vita seemed perfectly fit. She walked and entered the car all by herself, showing no signs of pain whatsoever. (as far as my eyes can tell :p)

We arrived at the hospital around 7 pm, and we soon entered "UGD Bersalin" to get Vita examined. I was told by the nurses to wait outside in the waiting room. After waiting for quite a while, Vita texted me and wanted me to get in (into the UGD Bersalin, the room where labour takes place). So I immediately walked towards the UGD Bersalin door, took off my sandals, and opened the door. I told the nurses who were on duty that I am ibu Vita's husband and wanted to be with her in the room. And they let me in (there is nothing special about this, the examination was actually done already). We were told that Vita was already "pembukaan 3". The nurses also told us that in a moment they will record the heart rate of the baby (FHR) but we had to wait because the instrument to perform that was still being used on another patient.

While waiting, I texted Adnan (my little brother who's a doctor),

"Aku di rs.kata suster sdh pmbukaan,3.aku ga liat lgsg krn disuruh nunggu di luar.apike nginep apa pulang?"

and he replied:

"Mondok sekarang. Insyaalloh besok pagi lahir. Jangan lupa beritahu bapak ibu."


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woooooo... Penonton kecewa..!!! Paling2 ni dah agak lup lanjutannya @_@

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Anonymous anton said...

nice story , thanks .

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