Friday, August 17, 2007

Praise God, i've been lucky!

As i drove my car passing Sydney Park Road heading for work, the car i own suddenly stopped. Yup, without any warning, well actually there was a warning --empty fuel light indicator--, my Toyota Corolla '87 refused to move any inch more (okay, i'm exagerating...). My mobil just mogok... :p

This happened around 5.55pm. Yes! That's still RUSH HOUR. Not to mention, it's SHOPPING NIGHT. Sydney Park road westbound is a two lane road, and at the time of the incident, the left lane was blocked by a police car which was stopping a hatchback car, don't ask me why. I don't know. All i know is that Sydney Park Road became more congested than usual because of this. And when my car suddenly ran out of petrol not so far behind that police car, i think it became even worse... "bumper-to-bumber" if you know what i mean :p

"Calm down, fan." (i tried to calm myself)

As i tried to start the car repeatedly, it became obvious to me that my car was indeed out of fuel. But LUCKY ME, my car was on the left lane of the road, and it stopped just next to an intersection, so the disruption i caused shouldn't be that massive :D

AND LUCKY ME, after i called my boss telling her that my car got broken down on the road and i'll arrive at work very late, a man stopped his vehicle in front of me and got out of his car... and offered help.

He told me to steer the car while we push the car backwards together, so that the car wouldn't block traffic. We pushed the car into a carpark next to the place where my car stopped, i think it was the Sydney Park car park. Fyuh, now all i need to do was to buy fuel! Lucky me, i brought the 5L fuel can i always put in my car. Then i ran to the nearest petrol station, filled it up, and ran back to my car. Five litres of fuel got poured to the tank. Well, maybe less. It spilled a lot :D

Just when i thought i was the luckiest guy on earth, the car couldn't get started as i switched on the starter. I repeat it again and again, until the car's battery got fairly depleted... leaving no more power to turn on the starter again.

I tried to push my car alone, hoping it would start. Nope it didn't.

Now here comes another lucky thing for me.

A van stopped nearby, the driver offered help. He indicated that we should push the car up the carpark, then pushhhh fast. We tried twice, yet we failed. He helped me pushing the car to a more proper place: a proper parking spot.

I told him that i will call my friend for help.

"You are going to jump the battery?", he asked.

"Yes." i answered, then thanking him for his sincere help.

He was Hungarian by the way. A gardener. He also offered me a smoke after the first try failed.

As he left, i called Lissya. I don't know, i think i chose to call her because she owns a car, she attends no class anymore, and she lives the closest (Rosebery). Oh yes, actually i've already called her right after i called my boss. I asked her for help, but it wasn't decided yet whether she has to come over or not.

When i was certain that Lissya can rescue me, I told her to come. She was at Bondi Junction, reading a book at a bookshop i think, and i ruined her pleasent evening because of my silly mistake :D

Anyways, she finally found her way to come and help me around 7.30pm. We placed our cars next to each other... she parked on an empty spot, then i pushed my toyota next to hers (yup, her car's also a toyota), with Lissya steering my car as i push bare foot (my working shoes was freaking slippery!). Boy, was it SO tiring.

I connected her Toyota Echo's battery to my Corolla's rusty battery. I told Lissya to turn her engine on while i try to start my own engine. After some few seconds, my fuel-smelling-car finally managed to turn his engine on again!

Fyuh, how lucky i was...

Thank you heaps, Lissya.
Monday, August 13, 2007

bumi itu berputar

Ini salah satu bukti konkrit bahwa bumi itu berputar:

Foto diambil dua hari yang lalu dari belakang rumah (Kensington NSW), menggunakan Pentax K100D Super, ISO 200, f5.6, exposure 20 menit, menghadap barat daya.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kamar mandi di Sydney

Seperti apa tho, kamar mandi di Sydney itu?
Kira2 seperti ini: (contoh sebuah kamar mandi rumah jaman londo)

Hmm... tong sampah di Sydney bentuknya seperti apa ya kalau boleh tahu?
Seperti ini:

Oya, da TPA nggak di Sydney?

Pentas seni 'kampung' 17-an pasti gak ada kan?
Ada kok. Lha ini, ada peragaan busana ibu2 nya segala -_-'

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