Friday, December 29, 2006

Why did they build the great wall of China??

Ini iklan sudah lama dan basi sebenarnya... tapi gak papa lah dimuat di sini... siapa tahu ada yg belum lihat iklannya... di TV... di Australia sini.

Jadi begini, ini ada iklan internet broadband "Bigpond" dari Telstra yang ku-capture dari halaman Yahoo Mailku bbrp bulan yg lalu:

Hmm.. gak lucu ya? Iya sih, seharusnya klip video ini dilihat dulu:

Lucu gak? :D

Dan.. belum lama ini ada iklan yang sama sekali tidak berhubungan dengan Telstra. Kali ini iklannya tentang pameran Great Wall of China di Powerhouse Museum Sydney. Lucunya, seolah2 ceritanya nyambung dgn iklan Bigpond...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Just some random pics...

I think i'm starting to regret that i have chosen to buy a Canon Powershot 530 as my new digital camera. It was supposed to be a fine and cheap replacement to my Canon Powershot A75, but apparently it's not as good as i thought i would.

Maybe that explains why i am more than reluctant to bring my camera everywhere i go, unlike it's older brother who made a good company to me, taking good looking memorable shots in the most unexpected places.

Mate, the battery life is horrible..! This is the main reason why i don't bring my camera so often now. It's always out of battery!

And then, its ISO speed can't go down to 50. Despite it's ability to zoom higher (equivalent to 200 mm?), my new Powershot has smaller lens compared to my older Powershot. This leads to a smaller range of aperture, and this is utterly dissapointing to be honest. I can no longer take low light pictures without beefing up the ISO speed --> grainer pictures.

Anyway, there are, at least, some pictures that i do not mind to share, here ;-)

This is the Chinese Garden, at Darling Harbour Sydney. It's a very quiet and peaceful cool place, perfect for those who wishes to get away from the hot and crowded and bustling city of Sydney. The person shown in this picture happens to be a friend of mine, and she came to Sydney for the U2 concert one month back. Entry fee = $5 (concession).

Yup, we have Australian Idol too. Every year. Since 4 years ago, i guess... maybe... The grand finale this year, and last year too, was held here, at Sydney Opera House. I voted for Jessica Mauboy: first, because she is half Indonesian, and second, she has a strikingly marvelous voice and a constantly smiling face :-)

Not bad, she became Runner-up for Australian Idol 2006. Not bad at all, for a 17 year old girl...
(i saw her too that night, when she entered the venue on a horse cart, smiling while she waved her hands to all the crowd)

This is a picture of Agung and Adhika, my room mates. I repeat, my room mates. On the background you can see the Customs Office building of Sydney Airport. I took this picture as we walk towards a free parking area across that bridge, not too far (and not to close either) to Sydney Airport. We had to park a bit far, otherwise I would have to pay $13 per hour for parking inside the Airport which is absolutely not worth it.

This year's summer is extremely weird. It's not that I hate it, not at all. As a matter of fact... i like it, because the summer this year is not (up to now) as hot as we feared it would be. In fact, it's been raining several days during this summer. And one day, it also snowed in some places in NSW last month, believe it or not. For a guy who has a car with no air-conditioning like myself, this is a blessing :-)

The picture below was taken at Railway Square. The rain was quiet heavy that afternoon. It didn't hail, though :-(

This last picture is from the Sculpture by the Sea, from Bondi beach to Tamarama Bay (hope i spelled it correctly). It's an annual event held there, exhibiting a wide range of sculptures and contemporary art.

That's all. Now i should get back to work :D